Peter Dutton: don't tear me away from my three young children

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I am an Irish born citizen and I've been living here in Australia for 10 years, married to my Australian wife for 8 of those years. I'm a tradesman and she is a retired paramedic.

We have 3 beautiful Australian born children under 6 years old, and two of our kids have special needs. Our four year old is autistic, and it's vital she has routine and stability in her life.

Because of an issue with my paperwork (one of my forms apparently went missing during my spouse visa application), Peter Dutton now wants to send me back to Ireland while I resubmit my claim.

There is no sense to forcing three young children to be without their father for up to 18 months simply because of a bureaucratic blunder.

I put my children to sleep every night, and climb back into their beds in the morning to wake them up. They don't deserve to have their dad taken away from them.

My wife and myself have no criminal history and are upstanding members of our community. We pay a mortgage, which comes from my sole income as a site manager. My wife's 74 year old mother also lives with us.

If I'm forced out of the country to re-submit my application, my family will be without an income. The bank could repossess our home.

And what's worse, the mental and spiritual effect on our children will be catastrophic , especially for our Autistic child whose basic growth and stability is corner stoned on having her Daddy at home every day.

Please help my family. Please call on Peter Dutton to have compassion and let me stay in Australia while his department re-processes my forms.