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Stop Fairs From Giving Away Goldfish As Prizes

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Recently I was shown multiple videos of two boys who won fish from a fair our town holds every year that were rather disturbing and sickening. What they were doing with the fish was not only disgusting but morally wrong as well. They swallowed these two squirming goldfish alive as people filmed it, laughing. Not one person stood up to these boys. Not one person tried to prevent it from happening. Not one person said that what they were doing was cruel. They laughed at it, normalizing this behavior, which is just a small step away from abusing larger animals and encourages people to act thoughtlessly against animals in general. Not only would these innocent fish be terrified by what was happening to them but they would also be forced to suffocate and drown in stomach acid. This isn't something people should take lightly and it isn't something people should tolerate or laugh about. Although I am not aware of any specific laws against this kind of animal mistreatment and abuse in the US, I would like to start a petition in order to prevent this from happening again. This petition is to prevent fairs from being able to sell animals or give animals away as prizes. Please sign to make a postive change towards a better life for animals. Thank you.

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