Please save camel. You can't kill someone for your benifit..

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The animals are also part of our life but Australian government want to kill the 10000 camel because they drink more water. They have life too we can't kill them. Humans kill anyone for their own purpose and safety. Its is not a right way. We should protect the environment and also give them a environment where the can live freely and live a better life. Australian people and government more care about kangaroo because he is their national animal but it doesn't mean you kill other animals.

I appeal to every NGO and all organisations to come forward and save the animals,give them a proper and better environment to live and take care of them. If we kill animals like this way then we can kill anybody for our benifit. If we really care about the environment then we should make some efforts to start a program to plant more trees and save the natural resources. 

I appeal to government of India to intermediate in this problem.