The street animals must be saved from the roads

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I see animals in the highway getting hit, or killed by people cruely. People here few of them are more cruel towards animals. I see pregnant dogs wandering on the road and I think animals deserve more than this and all they need is a shelter and food. Indian people buy dogs for fashion and for their cuteness. That is why the population of foreign breed dogs in India has drastically increased.But I’am not saying that’s our fault, we buy it for its cuteness and this promotes the breeders to make more litters. For eg, a female pug must get pregnant for yearly once, but the breeders breed them for 3-5 times, it's not about stray animals but this is animal cruelty. People can also try Indian breeds. they're are also cute and also protective, instead if buying a German Shepherd they can adopt a dog from shelter and teach them things. Indian dogs are pretty brilliant they can grasp things easily and government can take initiative to build a dog park all over the country, when a dog meets the other it teaches dog to calm down and have fun. I think government must take initiative to do this which will make the owner as well as the dog happy.