Save the poor strays animals​.​We must realise that in these tough times they need our help.

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We all are aware that Indians have always surrounded by animals be it cows,dogs cats,birds etc and how they are a part of our existence. We have actually looked down upon them as pests or natural interferences in our day to day life. There are some people who are waging wars against the cruelties meted out towards these poor creatures.And we must acknowledge their courage and sheer passion of creating a safe haven for these beings. But just a handful of these people are not enough.Each one of us in our own little ways can make their lives joyful and worth living.I

I urge people to support the animals feeders, pl don't harrass them.Do your bit. All we need to do is keep clean water on side pavements,feed the animals that are  generally around our colonies or societies.Call in local animal health care  personel if we cite any injured animal or bird on the road. How time does it actually take?Not much!! So come people..this is the time to set all our KARMA right. Its only after a long long time that we get to be born as humans, that is if people believe in rebirths.

I am sure it will tremendously help each individually on a mental and spiritual level.Lets come together to make our planet more kinder and caring.

We owe it these simple souls. Join me in making our world better and more humane.