Safeguard strays from Human Abuse...dogs being sexually abused for fun

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Animals are the most easy victim of human abuse by the so called "Humans". Those who cannot talk or do anything are being abused, tortured, forced to so obscene things for the pleasure of human race. There is a video doing the rounds in which a dog is being forced to masturbate using a plastic bottle. The boys in the background are heard laughing and enjoying seeing the dog in this miserable state. The poor animal cannot do anything but is helplessly trying to remove the bottle out. Humans have stooped down to this level of inhumanity. The private parts of the dog are being misused which may lead to permanent damage of the poor dog. The mental trauma will be something that will always be with him and the fear of humans will set in. We have lost our pet since the past 6 days and this one in the video looks similar...hoping it is not him. But I want you all to sign this petition and pass on the word so much that those bastards are caught and taught a lesson that they will remember all their lives.  Pls help guys.