Poultry farming should be banned. Everyday millions of animals are killed for meat.

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Everyday millions of animals are killed for meat. And i know you all have been eating meat for so long. But it's just for the taste buds. Guys wake up. A number of harmful antibiotics, hormones, and other diseases leading factors enters our body by just eating meat.

It's okay u can't leave meat but there is vegan meat option available and you all can try this. 

Instead of cows milk, one can try vegan milk options that are made from soy and almonds. By the intake of cows milk puss molecules are entering your body and that is harming you everyday. It do contains hormones and estrogen that is leading cause to cancer cells.

Why we wear fur when we have our own skin? We can wear faux fur instead of real fur. Animals are skinned alive for fur and even without any kind of painkillers or anti biotics.


If you don't wear fur, I'm proud of you. You should make  other people aware about the torture given to animals for that fur. 

It is said that royalty and standard can be shown by fur . But how can anyone say that . By torturing animals you think it's a good vibe. No man no. It's totally in human.

In slaughterhouses ,animals are said to killed by humane methods. You know which method is that? 

They are putted in a gas chamber where whole oxygen is sucked out. And they end up dying choking.  Do you it humane method?  

If you were there how would  you feel.  Will you feel good dying choked? Will you feel good skinned alive? Will you feel boiled alive in water with 140°C temperature? Will you feel good when you will be kept in small cages for your babies and till the age you give babies you are kept and then sent to slaughterhouse?  Will you feel good if your babies were killed like male chicks on just their first day of life because they can't  lay eggs ?

No right. Because it's horrible. Then you still eating animals is good. When we have million of options , do you still  we should stick to meat? No guys . It's 21st century,  and you all are educated and you all humans . You should know what's the reality. 

Our earth is choking too just because of us. And leading cause of global warming is poultry and dairy farming.  Can't we just make an effort to save our planet where we live? Are we so weak that we can't save our future? No right. We are all strong. And we can make it. Please take an action against it . Maybe by your little step someone's life can be saved. 

Your's truly, 

A human.❤