Justice for Dogs slaughtered in Telengna....

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78 dogs, allegedly killed by civic body, found dumped in Telangana’s SiddipetI.In a highly disturbing video that surfaced on Twitter on Saturday, a group of workers could be seen mercilessly dumping a heap of dog corpses into a truck. The girl, who was shooting the video, was heard sobbing, as the workers told her that they have been asked by the municipality authorities to slaughter the dogs. The girl further points to 2-3 dogs and says that she fostered the animals, and asks the workers how they even had the heart to kill the animals, no matter who gave them the permission to do so.

The video from Siddipet shows a total of 40 dead dogs, which the workers claim were slaughtered on behalf of the Siddipet civic body in order to curb dog menace in the area. It was only last Wednesday that the civic authorities in Telangana’s Vikarabad were pulled up after 30 dogs were found slaughtered and dumped in a government dumpyard.Sri Vidya, a member of the Compassionate Society for Animals (CSA) and the animal rights activist who shot the video, said that she was the first one to spot the truck that was loading the dead bodies of the animals at Srinagar colony in Siddipet.“Of the 40 dogs dead, I regularly used to feed three dogs which belonged to our area. On Saturday morning, I couldn’t find any of the animals in the locality and that’s when one of the residents here told me that they saw workers picking dogs from around the area. I spotted the truck that was carrying the dead animals. They told me that were given permission by the civic body to do so. Is this how the authorities enforce birth control among animals? They didn’t even spare the little ones which were just a few months old,” Vidya says.  

According to animal activists who were present at the spot, none of the workers deployed for the job belonged to the municipality.

Praveen, another member of CSA, alleged, “They didn’t have the municipality uniform and had worn only gloves for safety. When questioned, they told us that they were just daily wage labourers and were asked to pick the dogs which were already poisoned by a team that was sent by the civic body.”

The team found another 30 corpses which were dumped in the dumpyard on Sunday morning.

“We were at the dumpyard on Sunday morning when we caught another truck red-handed, trying to dispose of the bodies of another 38 dead dogs. The bodies of these animals have been sent for post-mortem and we are awaiting the results,” Praveen added."

According to a press note, municipal staff were involved in the poisoning of the dogs and the district revenue officer has been appointed as the inquiry officer to probe the issue.

 These kind of acts keep happening in the society. The people behind this act should not just be suspended but should be given death penalty or life imprisonment.
 And even the labour worker need to be punished ,they should be jailed for at least 3 months and ordered to pay fine in form of donation of at least RS 5000 each person to a dog shelter,so that no one in future dares to volunteer such horrific acts in greed of money..