Feeding our Strays is A Constitutional Right:Stop Harassment & Intimidation to Feeders

Feeding our Strays is A Constitutional Right:Stop Harassment & Intimidation to Feeders

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Manisha Chauhan started this petition to Peta India and

On March 20th , 2017, Daniel Singh, an animal right activist, and her 71-year-old mother were assaulted in Vikhroli , when they were feeding stray dogs. This is one of the many incidences that the Feeders and Animal Right Advocates are facing and our concern keeps growing every day.

 People who feed the strays, out of compassion and love have to face fear, threats, ridicule, isolation, mental abuse, verbal abuse and sometimes even physical violence. Some of us are treated like outcasts for the so called “Crime of Feeding”. This issue has gotten out of hand, especially on several occasions where physical violence was used against the feeders. It is unbelievable that People restore to such brutality and Felony against us.

As per the Indian tradition and culture, animals always had a respect and a special place in society. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism have always preached kindness and compassion to animals. Each Hindu God or Goddess is seen with an animal.However With population explosion and urbanization animals are easy prey for “Justifiable” violent actions.

 We “The Animal Lovers”,” Animal Right Activists”,” Animal Advocate” or whatever name you want to give us stand for animal rights because if we won’t then no one else will.

 The intention to feed the strays is so that they can be vaccinated and sterilized. Any animal Activist who feeds the strays has nothing but the best of intentions, not only for the animal but for the Broader Society. Animal Birth Control Program me (ABC) Encourages Feeding as The Strays Will Trust the Human and can be Caught for Sterilizations.

The feeder community in most cities is largely self-financed, self-organized and self-driven

 This petition is to spread awareness on Responsible Feeding and to seek justice and protection for people who have suffered any harassment in doing so .Responsible feeding is done with intent to sterilize or feeding of sterilized animals, and does not encourage irresponsible feeding .i.e. feeding with no intention of Sterilization by self or through any NGO/Municipal Corporations.Responsible feeding also includes feeding in the designated feeding Zones within the society and cleaning any litter or leftover once the feeding is done.

 People Have Objection for feeding the strays because they feel that Feeding Dogs or cats will increase their population. This is not true. Feeding strays does not increase their population in any way and that it only helps facilitate their sterilization, which in turn helps control dog population. Sterilization also reduces aggression in dogs and thus helps bring down dog-bite cases.

 Article 51A(g), Constitution places a duty on every citizen to “protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures. Hence feeding stray animals performing the constitutional Duty obligated to every citizen of this great country.

 Endless Array of Questions and Tantrums like

“Kutte se Itna Pyar Hai toh Gher pe leke Ja”,

“Yahan pe Khana dena allowed nahi hai gher pe lekar jao aur do”

“Tumko janwar pe daya ata hai insan pen ahi ata”

"You people dont care about humans, you are a pseudo Animal Activist"

“Are in dogs ko adopt karwa do itni chinta hai toh”

“inko yahan se kahin aur leke jao…”

“dog shelter me le jake chod do”

“Khana dene se ye log bite karenge,tum zimmedari loge kya”

“Muje kuton se dar lagta hai, toh inko yahan se nikal do”


And so on and so forth are being repeated every day and we try to reason with every single one calmly.

 Most people are not aware of the legal implication with regards to feeding stray animals, the below FAQ’s should help in better understanding the same:

1)   Is it illegal to feed strays?

a.       No, it is not illegal to feed any strays whether living in a society or on the road.

2)   Is it legal for a housing society to “ban” residents from feeding the strays in the said society?

a.       No, the society is not authorized to make any such laws which are against the judicial system. However, the societies can encourage responsible feeding by creating specific feeding areas and making sure all strays are sterilized and vaccinated.

3)   Can the stray dogs be thrown out of a housing society?

a.       It is illegal to relocate a dog from a premises where it was born or has inhabited, the society can make sure the strays are sterilized immediately to control the population and vaccinated to keep them healthy.

4)   How can I make a society stray dog friendly?

a.       You can request the society to assign feeding areas .You can help the society find proper organizations who sterilize and vaccinate the dogs. Help other members of society by spreading awareness on the ABC programme and the Prevention of Cruelty to animals’ act. By arranging Workshops on Animal Right etc.Circular of AWBI Rules for rules of feeding within the society should be given in the society office.

This petition is an effort to request the people who think that feeding is somehow wrong to understand that Dog-lovers have not created the street dog or cat population. They merely try to minimize it through sterilization, and to keep it rabies-free through vaccination.

 We urge and Request that any incidence of harassment against feeders should be reported to proper authorities immediately so that strict action can be taken against them.

 We encourage the Feeders to opt for The Colony Card Taker ID Card that is provided by the Animal Welfare Board of India. A Proforma of registration form for issuing ID Cards to Dog Feeders / Colony Care Takers of animals is available in our website: www.awbi.org.

 We will always follow the law, feed with Responsibility and Ask for our rights and Interests to be protected by the Wider Society which we are an indispensable part of. We seek help from the Animal Advocates and from the wider section of society who stand with us and for our cause.

 By signing the Petition you stand against the Verbal and Physical violence, unnecessary harassment to Feeders and Animal Right Advocates and Encourage Humane Treatment, ABC Programmes and Welfare of all living beings Weather in a flat, house or on the road and streets of your society.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!