1 July 2020
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Started by Oorja Akshara

I would like to report that their are many stray dogs that are being transferred across the barrier of West Bengal and Assam in trucks for human consumption.
This activity is highly illegal and it needs to stop this instant. 

Its inhumane to slaughter and consume these animals just for the sake of the taste of your tongue. Their lives matter equally. 

Another point for this illegal activity to stop are the Rabies Virus found in these dogs. There is 80% possibility of survival of the rabies causing virus in the bodies of these dogs even after sterilisation.

We are anyway facing a global pandemic right now which was also caused by ILLEGAL ANIMAL CONSUMPTION BY HUMANS.
Please help us and sign this petition to save the lives of these animals.

I personally care a lot about this issue as i am against slaughtering and consumption of animals as I personally do not believe in consuming them for the sake of taste and my tongue. If i have the capability to stop this then i will try my best

This needs to stop and We need save their lives Because they are innocent and haven't caused any sort of problem to anyone. Just so they can be slaughtered and cooked and enjoyed they are being imported. 
This is just not right.

i request you to sign this petition and help them out , we will send this petition to the Chief Secretary of Nagaland and we also highly request you to write an email regarding this issue and send it to csngl@nic.in 

Thanking you,
A concerned citizen.


This petition made change with 495 supporters!

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