Ban on products made from animals

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Nowadays many of the Fashion Industries are using animal’s life just for making profit.

Billions of animals are killed violently just for our fashionable products, clothes etc. Those who are vegetarian/vegan they although don’t eat animals because they don’t want to harm animals but they unknowingly wear clothes or accessories that have been made by animal skin ,eyes etc .Fashion , which is already a frequently debated topic, is one of those areas. While fur has long been frowned upon , there are other animal components in our clothing that many people may not be aware of. Many of the fashion industries are using animals for products in such a inhuman way that we too can’t imagine .

We can make this change by knowing all the information about the prduct that which we are buying and PETA really can do taking steps against this animal cruelty. So please share this as much as you can and make more people to sign on this.

Do animals really deserve this type of cruel behaviour towards them? Do they? A big no. But then also we do terrible things to them who cannot answer! We have to understand that animals are with us not for us. What a beautiful world it will be where no animal need to die in order for us to live and that makes us feel good .