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PAWR is the organization responsible for registering the dog just last year. Now that Zeus has gotten out (we’ve all had a pet escape one time or another) he is all of a sudden NOW illegal?? Zeus has a beautiful family that loves him dearly... PAWR is breaking all of these kids hearts by taking their sweet FAMILY MEMBER right before Christmas!!! They are taking him away because he’s a “pitbull” and there is a ban on that breed. YET, the owners have all of the proper paperwork and documentation to prove his breed as a bulldog!! PLEASE HELP #BRINGZEUSHOME before they send him far away. He is probably so scared and confused. He has a family that loves him and takes such great care of him. Let’s help get this handsome guy home!!!! 

Boycott PAWR. Our community no longer needs to support a disgusting organization that clearly does not care about the best interest of the animals!!! Check out Facebook for more information. #bringzeushome & please sign the petition!!!! Let’s make this family whole again. Thank you!!!