Petition Closed This marks the 51st known or probable death of a Grizzly Bear in the Greater Yellowstone area this year and likely would not have occurred if the program didn't exist. It is widely known that our beloved bears are attracted to the sound of gunshots and obviously the smell of animal carcasses. It was recently that an area nearby this incident was closed due to another close call between a bear and human. There is no sound or reasonable reason in my mind that this hunt is necessary any longer and should END immediately and for good. While hunting is a vital resource, the bears, elk, and other wildlife are an even larger resource for our economy not only in Jackson, WY but the area as a whole. Millions upon millions of people come to the area from all over the country and the world and hope to see these majestical creatures. What will we do when they are gone? Hunting does not belong in our National Parks! END THE ELK REDUCTION PROGRAM IMMEDIATELY AND FOREVER

Letter to
Superintendent, Grand Teton National Park Mary Gibson Scott
President of the United States
Wyoming State Senate
and 11 others
Wyoming State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Representative Cynthia Lummis
Senator John Barrasso
Senator Mike Enzi
Representative Steven Daines
Secretary of the Interior  Ken Salazar
Teton County, Wyoming Elected Officials
Town of Jackson Elected Officials
Wyoming Governor
First off WE would like to thank you for your time, service, and patience with our efforts to put an end to the Elk Reduction Program in Grand Teton National Park. While we all understand there are many issues facing our country and world today, this is one of many we have a tried and true commitment to. We believe that while said program was likely rightful and just when it was tied to the legislation that created our beloved park in 1950, it has now become outdated, unnecessary, wrong, and unjustified. I would hope that John D. Rockefeller Jr. and President Roosevelt would see the same. We urge you to do your part in putting an end to it once and for all.