17 August 2022
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For most PERIOD POVERTY is a cringe-worthy subject. Bring it up and everyone becomes exit-seeking. Yet we are talking about the dignity of women. We simply no longer have the luxury of being ‘uncomfortable.’

Some have said this subject alone is too to even bring up. What we can agree on is that PERIOD POVERTY should not be part of our lexicon in this century, but it is. So, if the subject does offend your sensibilities, then join in this effort to remove it from our vocabulary like we did polio.

Access to period products should be a human right period.

It is estimated that five hundred million people lack access to period products and hygiene facilities. In Sub-Saharan Africa 1 in 10 girls miss school because of their period cycle.

The unintended consequences of period poverty are plentiful among which are some of the following: -

  • This leads to absenteeism with a knock-on effect on school performance as well as future earning power.
  • Reduced participation in physical activities
  • Exacerbation of gender gaps in education 
  •  Increase in drop-out rates
  • Creates self-esteem and self-worth issues 
  • Period shaming and bullying
  • Dysmenorrhea goes untreated, impacting the quality of life.

Access to period products, including medical intervention, is without question an integral part of a woman’s well-being that must undoubtedly be catered for on a consistent and sustained basis. This requires a paradigm shift in how the issue of menstrual hygiene is dealt with. Without a seat at the table in terms of policy and budget allocation, countries will not be compelled to make meaningful changes in how they handle this challenge. 

We must act with the urgency of now and treat women’s rights as human rights. I believe classifying access to period products as a human right will go a long way in bringing about the change, we all want. 

This is a moral conundrum that should keep us all awake because it is not as if women affected can opt-out of this process.

By signing this petition, you are standing up for a Girl Child! Mother! Sister! Niece! In-Law!

The need may be as vast as the ocean but the vastness is diminished by the efforts each of us contributes to eradicating the problem Mother Theresa (paraphrased)

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Signatures: 2,447Next Goal: 2,500
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