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Dissolve the U.S. Corporation; Restore U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights.

The U.S. was intended to be a free Republic, not a corporation which profits from its "human capital" - the citizens whose birth certificates are illegally used as collateral to borrow from the privately held Federal Reserve Bank. A call to restore our economic, political and spiritual freedoms.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
The People’s 2013 Mandate for Change

We The People, in the spirit of reclaiming and restoring our beloved Republic, of, by, and for the people, do hereby call upon our fellow citizens to awaken and take notice of the usurpation of our Rights that has been sanctioned by our government and put into practice. We call
upon our American Family to pause and reflect on the state of the world and our nation. What has evolved since the beginning of our great nation is not what was intended by our Founders. Every decision by our government leaders should be made from the highest point of morality and for the greatest good of all. 

Our government was never intended to have a life and existence separate and apart from its people. The people are the final authority within our government. When the government evolved into a powerful corporate entity, control was removed from the people and put into the hands of a few unelected powerful individuals. 

To restore the nation to the people, We The People, with love in our hearts mandate to those currently serving in office and those who hereinafter may serve as our representatives, that the United States be returned to the control of its citizens.

The U.S. Corporation shall be closed, repealed and replaced by our original United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, which together create and protect our representative government. Our government was intended to be a public trust, not a privately-run corporation.

We The People mandate the following officials to take active measures on our behalf and at our behest to correct travesties and injustices: the Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Jack Lew, and the Provost Marshal General, Mr. David Quantock, and we mandate these people to assume command over and give directive to all branches of government, government services and all Armed Forces for cooperation to implement the restoration of our nation to the people and to disclose and take action as follows:

I. Mandate all main stream television and radio broadcasting companies to immediately start announcements to inform the Nation of the following:

A. The Republic is being restored, with shutdown of the U.S. Corporation.

B. The Federal Reserve was privately held, not public, and its 99-year charter has ended and not been renewed; its functions shall be restored to the U.S. Treasury.

C. All Debt created or backed by the U.S. Corporation and/or the Federal Reserve shall be deemed null and void and not the responsibility of We The People of the United States of America. All debt tied to social security numbers shall be set to zero. Such debt shall be collected from the personal assets of the corrupt individuals who committed fraud upon the people through their positions within the U.S. Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank.

All banking institutions chartered under the U.S. Corporation are currently illegal, thus, loans such as mortgages, car loans, personal loans and credit card debt will be forgiven.

The Internal Revenue Service shall be dismantled and all taxes wrongfully taken returned to the people. Individual taxation was repealed by Congress in 1939 and has been in operation fraudulently since that time as a collection agency for the privately held Federal Reserve.

3. The monetary system shall be revised to utilize currency with true and genuine value, replacing the Federal Reserve Note.

D. ALL injured parties shall be notified immediately following these actions, and public announcements on all major media outlets shall commence immediately.

By providing my signature, (electronic acceptable), I hereby direct all appropriate parties and support all private citizens to begin the immediate implementation of the forgoing mandate.

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