To say sorry to the people of Singapore, but still ask them to thank us!

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We’re sorry Singapore — please don’t think all Indians are like Rahul Gandhi, his family and friends. We’re not.

For example, thousands of Indians visit the beautiful Singapore every year — and none of us go about showing off the stupidity that is unique to Rahul Gandhi. We’re sorry Singapore — please don’t think that’s how most Indians are. We actually try to be polite to him when he is in India and that is why things have gone so far now. Our only selfish motive in being polite to this nut-case is to ensure our continued dose of laughter.

But most of all, please don’t think that Indians support this joker. In a democratic nation like ours, we have consistently showed him his place. The man led his party to successive defeats since he has arrived on the Indian political scene. The guy has an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and we love him for that. So, we’re sorry Singapore that this loser went about your place as if represents us. He doesn't.

BUT, you can say thank you to us. Rahul Gandhi is an awesome entertainer. The reason why he has so many face-palm moments is just because of a faulty brain-mouth connection. Well, he doesn't know about this 'manufacturing defect'. Anyways, our entertainer did in Singapore what he does best everywhere he goes - entertain audiences. So, if you wish to, you can thank us.