Feed the strays of goa during the lockdown

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How many times have you gone to a beach and seen a dog with a wagging tail come frolicking towards you? It might be your first meeting or twenty-first, the dog would welcome you the same way, over and over again. In the current lockdown situation, the same dog whom you made friends with on the beach is fighting for its survival. With no humans around, imagine his confusion, desperation, looking around not only for a friend but also for a morsel.

Lockdowns are certainly hard for humans, but have you given a thought what happens to the voiceless? 

Just like your friend on the beach, we have so many starving strays out on the streets that need to be taken care of. They don't need much. Only two meals a day and some water to survive on.

Reading about the Govt of Odisha coming to the rescue to the strays in their state was such a positive and uplifting news. I wish the same thing to happen in Goa. Odisha has set an example and it's time that we follow their footsteps and take care of all the voiceless strays in Goa.

Yes, we are going through a pandemic and it's anything but easy. But why let this pandemic be a nightmare for our furry companions, who entirely depend on us for their survival? Let's walk out of this pandemic hand in paw and emerge on the other side with beaming faces and wagging tales.

Help us in helping them.