We must have specialized NGO for farmed rabbit in India.

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Dear Decision Maker,

I am horrified to hear that domestic rabbits are being intensively factory farmed in several countries. The fact that rabbits are being confined to over-crowded, battery cages prevents them from displaying any of their natural behaviours. It also results in numerous injuries from frustrated cage-mates and cage wires. Furthermore, adequate medical treatment is denied to farmed rabbits, due to both the shear number of animals confined per farm and the lack of attention by farmers and farm staff.

I would also request you to please encourage people to save rabbits or do some actions on having qualified and specialized vets across India who can treat the needy and sick rabbits and give them right medication. Many rabbits die due to wrong medication and lack of knowledge on how to treat these delicate babies.

I implore you to act now and ban the factory farming of all rabbits in this country and to have some rescue center/NGO specially for rabbits in India.


Arpana Singh