To stop fishing in lakes in Coimbatore to save birds which migrate from foreign countries

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Many migratory birds such as black-winged stilt, red wattle lapwing, white winged scoter, grey heron, bar-headed goose, open bill stork, white necked stork and spoonbill arrive at many lakes in Coimbatore such as Ukkadam big tank, Muthanangulam, kurichi lake in their respective season. 

But they are in danger because the people who go fishing in these lakes tend to burst crackers or catch these birds and kill them because they eat the fishes in the lake. These inhumane activities towards the birds causes severe habitat loss and even push them to the verge of extinction. This activity may seem like chasing the birds somewhere else other than these lakes. But there are not many places which could provide suitable habitat to that birds. 

This petition targets the people who do fishing in the lake and put the birds as well as the Marine diversity in endangerment. The necessary government organisations should ensure that these harmfully activities against the birds are stopped or even provide permanent solution such as banning fishing in these areas which exhibit high fauna diversity and apt habitat for endemic as well as migratory species. The other problem these lakes face are pollution such as dumping waste materials such as medical and construction waste at these sites. 

Please sign this petition and share with other human beings to provide a safe place for other living beings too. The earth is not for humans alone.