To Save Dogs be brutally killed by people on a fake Website

To Save Dogs be brutally killed by people on a fake Website

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 My name is Anita .The reason for writing this email is because now there’s a new fake website that’s come Out and it’s been been spreading all around the world. People tie up dogs either to a tree or pole and the dogs are beaten to death,mercilessly Then they broadcast it on YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram websites for people to see and show sympathy towards the defendless dogs and below the clippings, they ask the viewers to help them capture the bad guys and sign the petitions.I’ve been sending people not to enter this fake website and sign the petition because all they need is the viewers’ information such as their email ids,contact numbers and sell them to tele marketing or advertising people and collect the blood money.This has been going on every single day from different countries and in Africa,it’s fromNorth Eastern Africa’s Gauteng Province,now it’s happening in United States.please let me know how this cruelty towards defendless dogs must be stopped.If you happen to look up on my page on Twitter and Facebook under Anita Gowda,you’ll see that I’ve been begging people not to encourage this website.Below are a few clippings,that I would like you to see and decide.Please go through my link and let’s save future dogs from being bludgeoned..this is my link

There are several more and it’s become a trend to take blood money at the cost of a dog’ s life.Please help me,as as I’m doing this on my own,please grant me the petition and I will get local people to see what’s really happening and stop these cowards to stop this brutality 

Thanking You