Stricter animal Cruelty laws in India. Bangalore Street Dog killed intentionally (Video)

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This is a video of a recent incident that happened in 2nd Cross of Ramachandrapur area of Bangalore on 2nd October,2020. As you can clearly see from the video, the guy driving the SUV (KA04MT0500)-Mahindra XUV 500 ,named KIRAN S, intentionally ran across the street dog that fractured his spine ,diaphragm was torn too. We tried to save the dog but he succumbed to the injuries on 9th of October,2020. The Guy lives in the same street and has shown no remorse for the incident and is still roaming freely. Although an FIR has been filed, the police says there are very low chances of him getting any kind of strict punishment. Unfortunately the decades old laws of animal cruelty in India an even let him escape with just a fine of Rupees 50.


This is unacceptable and the laws need to change and the guy must be severely punished for his deeds. Please share this video along with the petition that is being started online by me so stricter animal cruelty laws are in place in this country.

Currently the maximum fine is 50 Rupees . If this continues, animals will be killed everyday and these animal killers will sooner or later turn into human killers too. Don't wait until its too late