Punish the culprit

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I’m against all who keep saying that India is not changing.It’s changing,it’s developing.
Unfortunately, it is changing in a disgusting manner.There is land but,no trees.There is space but,no animals.
There are humans but,no humanity.This is very unfortunate but this is the only fact.

Humans have crossed their limit.People can be the worst. And a man from Mumbai has gone out of his way to prove this fact by beating a dog.
I recently read a post by John Abhrahm and it disturbed me completely.Please support me.

Read these words by John Abhrahm:

Dear Friends of Animals..this is with reference to the case of the poor dog being beaten almost to death on July 24th 2019 under the instructions of a Mr Bhatia... residing on the 2nd floor of Turf View building, next to Vitesse showroom, Nehru Planeterium. The building manager Suryakant Kaushik has been instructed by Mr Bhatia to beat up all animal lovers as well. He instructed 3 of his building security to beat the dog to pulp and throw the body across the street. There is CCTV footage of this being done and an FIR has been filed.... but Mr Bhatia and the security are scot free. As people who care for animals...WE ARE THEIR VOICE..There is a gathering at Turf View building this Tuesday 30th of July at 7pm to speak out against these cruel people. Please bring your BANNERS to tell Mr Bhatia and the building security that what they have done will not be tolerated and is totally unforgivable. Please gather all on Tuesday on behalf of the voiceless at 7pm, Turf View, Worli. The poor dog is critical and fighting for life. Pass this message on... �

I apologize for posting something so disturbing but the need of the hour is to protect these beautiful animals. And for people who do not like animals, at least please do not hurt them.

Please support me to punish all those who did this shameful act.