Perfume shouldn't cost life! Millions of musk deer are killed in India alone

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Musk is obtained from the pods of male musk deers which are cut open and left to die. While musk is obtained only from male deers even females are mercilessly killed along with small deers. A perfume shouldnt cost a life. Or for that matter so many lives. According to survey, musk deer are near to extinction in the coming five years. As male are killed earlier, now only small deers are available which are also killed without allowing them to grow or even mate. Which ahs resulted in the declining rate of them. Musk or Kasturi which is considered the best ingredient of perfume is extracted after so much cruelty and killing innocent lives. This needs to stop.I request you all to stop using fragrances having musk and companies to kindly find cruelty free alternatives for the same. It is so disturbing to see people profiting over someone's life. Let's make this world a better place to live for all.