Lynching of a Gangetic dolphin in pratapgarh

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Recently a Gangetic dolphin was hacked to death in UP's Pratapgarh district by a group of people. They tortured it in a really disgusting way. As we all know dolphins are one of the most friendly species. It doesn't harm anyone nor do people consume dolphins. The only reason for those people to do such a disgraceful act would be for fun. And this is something which is not fun. It's a serious offence. This kind of act shows how low a "inhuman" can fall. I urge PETA to take this event very seriously. I urge you to demand for the execution of the individuals who commited the act. I urge everyone reading this to spread this news as much as you can because this is the minimum we can do to get justice for that innocent gangetic dolphin. Also the gangetic dolphins are listed as an endangered species. So I urge all of you to make this a successful movement and demand for the execution( capital punishment) for these individuals. Also, another demand is that they need to be tortured in the same way as they did to that poor dolphin. Let's make this a successful online movement. I urge you all to raise your voice against this until it reaches the central government and until they take the strictest action against these individuals.

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