Let’s come together to stop brutal killing of camels in Australia.

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Amidst the devastating wildfiresspreading across Australia, up to 10,000 camels will be shot and killed following complaints that they are drinking too much water. The cull will begin Wednesday and last approximately five days. 
Officials said "extremely large groups of camels and other feral animals… are putting pressure on the remote Aboriginal communities in the APY Lands." They said the animals are threats to the community, consuming their scarce water and food.”

This is a very shameful step taken by the Australian Government. There is not even a pinch of regret by the government after loosing 500mn species in the wildfires. Now they are on the verge of killing animals left out safe. They should be providing them shelter and amenities but rather is thinking of killing them. Their can be another thousands of solution to solve this problem like sending them to some other place or distributing them or countries making agreement to exchange  the animals. Killing them will only lead them to the EDGE OF EXTINCTION. 

I urge all the petitioners and people out there to come together, spread this message and stop this culling, as this is a very sinful act and just looking only the comfort of Humans but not the other precious creatures of The EARTH. Save them and don’t let them die.