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Horses killed inhumanly in slaughter

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Every day hundreds of horses are shipped out for slaughter in highly inhuman ways.  There is no human way to kill a horse.  Metal rods are driven through the horses head to paralyze them.  Then they are tied up and hung by one leg to bleed out, all while still alive.  In Mexico, horses are stabbed multiple times in the spine to paralyze and then dismembered, all while being conscious.  Many kill buyers find their profits from unsuspecting owners who take their horses to auctions in hopes the horse is going to a good home.  Some horses that end up in kill Pens even have registered papers.  Many are friendly, loving horses that were once family horses but the owner could no longer care for them or passed away, leaving the horse to be taken by the city then sold at auction.  The SAFE Act is a law that prevents the transportation of the horses over the border to Canada and Mexico, where the kill buyers are paid big bucks per horse.  These killbuyers are ruthless people with no conscience.  It's all about money and profit.  The markets in Canada and Mexico use the horse meat for human consumption. Horse meat is toxic and was not meant for human consumption.  Dewormers, other chemicals from shots, and chemicals from the environment and hay they ingest all affect the meat.  If horse meat is toxic to eat, there is no reason for SUCH inhuman slaughter.  Please support this petition for these men to support this act, and contact your local state reps and senators to do the same.  Be the one that makes a change for these animals!

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