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MAN I HOPE NOT. What does THAT say about our government? Better yet, what does it say about there’s? 

It says that THIS kind of cruel injustice is tolerated. It says that the people who are responsible for this horrific abuse are continuing to get away with this unjust mistreatment because no actual punishment is being enforced. 

Time and time again WE see photos like the ones above and it leaves people like me wondering…Why with so many countless “sanctuaries” for animals like Sunder that are being abused does this keep happening. Why with so many media outlets do WE as Americans have to fight to let OUR voices be heard. I mean have you seen the video? Have you seen the photos? And yet the outcome remains the same? Sunder’s condition is getting worse.

What’s it going to take for justice to be served? How many more animals have to suffer the kind of abuse that Sunder has had to endure over the past two years before SOMEONE takes a stand and says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” 

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