Free all animals (worldwide) into natural habitat post covid-19 Lockdown.

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As the world goes in a lockdown humans get panicked and restless about staying indoors confined in one place. Think about the mental state of all the animals, birds and fishes that spend their lives in captivity at circuses, zoos, pulling carriages, or simply in cages being trophy collectables all their lives.

We have no right to confine the flight of a bird or the majestic tour that a tiger takes of his territory. Nor should we see a seal clap for us at an amusement park. 

Let us all come together and request governments across nations to celebrate the end of covid 19 with honoring the ones who share our planet by:

1. Shutting wild life and dog meat markets across nations.

2. Shutting all zoos, animal circuses, aquariums, PET SHOPS, animal rides, leather, fur factories and bear bile extraction centers.

3. Free all these animals into their natural habitats or national parks where the animals have free areas to move about and can be fed my humans if they are not used to hunting, instead of keeping them in cages (such models already exist).

4. Levying strict laws against animal cruelty and poaching.