Even the Mutes have raised a Voice against the Vanishing Natural Environment

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The recent issue of increased bites by stray dogs and monkeys have created a new political platform for the politicians. Instead of trying to find the cause of the problem, they are blaming each other and suggesting irrelevant steps. There is an urgent need to cure the problem but not with the steps mentioned by the government.

As per the article 'Stray dogs & monkeys continue to bleed delhi' published in Mail Today dated 27.06.2019 i.e. Thursday, there has been a drastic increase the cases registered against stray dogs and monkey bites. This issue has been given a new face by the govt which is taking action against stray dogs and monkeys. But the fact is still unrevealed that the cause of this increase is the human only.

According to the survey, the cases of snatching and biting have raised due to lack of food and water. These animals roam in search of food and water and attack humans in order to fill their stomach. And the main reason behind their steps on roads is lost of habitat. There has been a great increase in deforestation and cutting down of trees. The development is sustainable leading to lost of home. In this phase, these animals have no option left but have sustain in this metropolitan by being a gangster. Wastage of water is also one of the reason amongst many others.

The only request to govt and general public is that, we should start saving environment. Plant as much trees as we can specially fruit bearing. Also, we must provide special reserves to these animals and also we should follow aforestation in order to provide these animals a proper shelter and surviving conditions.

Please join hands together and instead of treating these animals, start treating environment for a Noble Cause.