Death Sentence for Animal Abusers

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Animals are beings and they need to be protected and be safe. Dogs, Cats, Goats Cows etc... They are not to be abused, killed, raped or teased. They are voiceless beings.

Humans have fallen to this degree of raping animals. It is heartbreaking and I have no words for the anger felt from what I just watched.

The rape of a female stray dog in Jaipur.

No words can describe the outrage and anger which has overcome right now.

India has to take strong stand on this issue and take stringent actions against these individuals. They cannot be left free to do as they please.

First our women and children were not safe and now it is our stray dogs. 

What has the world come to, where are we heading.

If there is no strict, stringent and harsh rules brought out against this, we are just going to have monsters amongst us and no being will be safe including humans.

Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of other beings.

Being kind to all creatures is true religion!