Banning of animal sacrifices in India and serious punishment to the people practicing it.

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A few years back I went to this famous Temple of Assam (Kamakhya temple), India with my family I witnessed something that I could never imagine . There is a part of the temple where I saw some animals (cows and goats)were tied ,they  were being worshipped with flowers which made me really happy but this happiness came to an end when I found they were actually getting prepared for the sacrifice ! the ground below me where I was standing was all red with blood of those innocent animals . A baby goat was then brought for the sacrifice and was beheaded, a small baby! Of course I couldn't watch it so I ran away. I couldn't believe my eyes. People go there and sacrifice these poor souls thinking it would bring good fortune upon them . I wonder how many animals get slaughtered everyday for this .

Animal sacrifice is very common in India and could be seen in many temples . People believe that beheading an innocent animal could bring happiness in their lives which is totally illogical .

Tripura has recently banned this.

And I wish this is done in the rest parts of the country . And also banning is not only enough in order to make sure this never happens serious punishment should be given to the people practicing it

Sign this petition if you think this practice should be banned . Please help the innocent , to live their lives they have families too!. They deserve to live. Have a small look of what really happens

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