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BAN animal tested products from being AVAILABLE to UK residents through online sales

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I started this petition in the desperate hope we can stop allowing the sale of animal tested beauty products to UK residents VIA online sales, in 2013 all beauty products tested on animals were banned from being sold in EU stores and on the highstreet due to the use of inhumane methods to test these products on animals, but products are still available to buy online which is still allowing these companies to profit from sales in our country. By stopping the online sales of animal tested products to residents in the UK we will be working together to clamp down on the profits made by companies that still use these methods and it will send a clear message to the ones that still use inhumane methods to test beauty products such as MAC or BOBBI BROWN for example that we do not support cruelty to animals for vanity purposes! It is so heart breaking to see what these animals are put through, rabbits, monkeys, mice and rats are amongst the animals used in lab tests and all of them are severly affected by the treatment they recieve whilst being tested on, it really is so cruel the way they are treated the law would never allow a person to go through this so why should a defencless animal have to live in this way? most importantly why should we support that and pay money to keep funding it? Please ask yourself these questions decide wether you agree with these tests and if the benefits are worth it? i am urging people who may be unaware of what is involved when testing to do some quick research and see the shocking conditions these animals have to live in and the treatment they are forced to undergo. These companies make billions of profit from online sales in the UK every year and by signing this petition we will be one step closer to stopping this cruelty, it is 2016 and we are way past needing to use these methods, there are many other safe synthetic ways of testing our beauty products, nobody needs to put these animals through this anymore it is morally wrong and i believe we can set examples for younger and future generations to follow, these animals only want a happy life and their freedom just like me and you, dont we all deserve that chance? if we stop buying these products these companies will be pushed towards changing their methods, so please can you show your support and sign the petition! We can do this together, lets make a difference!

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