Arrest Pooja Dhillon for Brutal Murder of Pup

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We demand justice for pup who was Brutally murdered by Pooja Dhillon in Lucknow and still Police Officers of Lucknow hasn’t take serious action against her.The way she murdered was horrific.She is threat to our pets, animals and society please take serious action. Pooja Dhillon doesn’t seems mentally fit as she was seen enjoying the moment when she was killing little angle puppy.Her Husband deserves the same thing becoz he was the one who was suggesting her how to torture the pup in a car.If we won’t take action against her then people with same mentality can start harming animals which we don’t want.Please stand by us becz animal activist named Kamna just lodged the FIR after that we haven’t received any updates from her and police also not taking any serious action we want to protect our animals and kids  from this lady.