Justice for Gia - Sanction Man who cut dog's legs off for Tik toke Video

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A video of man cutting a dog's front leg's and making fun of it is getting viral in social medias, we were shocked on seeing it and decided to track on the person in the video after 2 days we found him as Arjun from hasinpur and the dog who's leg was cut is a stray who was called as Gia by the local people,when we reached him we first asked for Gia that he is alive or not and thank god he is alive and left near a ditch and was left without any medical attention for days.his condition cannot be described in words as both of his front legs got cut and left unconscious,without wasting time we had hired a vet ambulance and took took gia to the vet and filed a Fir on Arjun in the local police station before leaving hasinpur with the tik toke video by him as an evidence.

As there is no strong laws for animal protection in the country these type of crimes which promote animal abuse for fun and popularity is increasing.If you don't this type of crimes against animals continue,the punishment for Arjun at the end of the trail should be severe that everyone should think twice before committing such crimes against animals so please "SIGN" and "SHARE" the petition and say "Sanction Arjun" and "justice for Gia"