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Requesting All Animal Loving Compassionate People,Help us to Save SAI Shelter for Animals

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It is with a very heavy heart that I am announcing this. Ever since myself and another dedicated animal lovers took over and opened this 24/7, SAVE ANIMALS INDIA (SAI) shelter at ARF premises in Kengeri,Bangalore,India.we have been facing harassment and trouble 24/7 by some vested interests who do not want us to succeed in our noble work. Main among the plotters is the head of a 'reputed' NGO in the ABC program who has his eyes on this piece of land as they have been asked to vacate from their current premises. This person has been inciting our workers at the shelter, making calls to other people, gathering false supporters, speaking to the land- owner, trying to brainwash people against me. and trying to make things very difficult so we should all give up and go.
This person who acts as a Trustee has lost the trust of people in the past years because of his ill-talk, vicious gossip and false promises and several other dealings which had his own personal welfare in mind rather than of animals.
Now he and his gang are very unhappy since ours is the only round-the-clock shelter in this city and he feels that his image and flow of funds will take a beating.
I will be exposing all these people and their misdoings in a very short time. I am taking the help of Media and also seeking support from the Police Dept so that these people are brought to book.
SAI only has the welfare of animals in their heart and mind. Our doors are always open for weak and needy creatures. We will stand firm and take the matter to the Courts if need be, to get justice.
Now because of the bad mouthing, politics and game-play, they have succeeded in making the old workers stop their work of daily cleaning, cooking for and looking after the animals. We also worry that they are introducing viral diseases into the shelter so that all our dogs and pups fall sick and die.

We will fight and come out victorious, as we have no hidden agenda in mind. May the Almighty stand by us and see us through these difficult times. Amen


Surya P Singh
Mobile :+91 9916786240

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