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Fix Snapchat

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The new Snapchat update is so aggravating. Tons of people loathe it, and I’m one of them. It’s so annoying that you can’t see who screenshots YOUR story. People can share, once again, YOUR story? Oh I don’t think so, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Also, I as well as many others, hate the new layout of the stories. It’s frustrating. Views are going downhill because it’s hard to watch certain people’s stories because you can’t even find them do to the cluster of people. People can’t figure out how to work it either. Everything is too clustered together, it makes it harder to find people.

Hell it makes it way harder to use the app. Snapchat is mostly how I communicate with most of my friends who I can’t see on the daily. Now it’s hard to find them due to this update. In fact several people aren’t even showing up. People that you may never snapchat are now right at the top, making it difficult to find the people who you do snapchat. Also you got rid of the best friend list? Really? And streaks?  Hard to do them now, pretty much impossible. If you were gonna do this should’ve at least included a manual on how to work it. It’s quite ridiculous. Honestly Snapchat is going downhill.

What pisses me off the most is that people are not given the option to update or to not update either. You are updating the app even though people have continued to prevent it by turning off “automatic updating.” And even doing the cheat to get it back. I have had to do the cheat twice now because it keeps updating by itself. (If you want to know the cheat, I put it at the bottom of this, although beware it’s not permanent. Snapchat will eventually update itself again and again.) 

Can’t tell you how many post I’ve seen on Snapchat and other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. All complaining about the new update. I mean it’s literally trending on twitter. Several people are even deleting their accounts and removing the app due to frustration and annoyance. Why try to fix something that was perfectly fine? Snapchat was fine the way it was before you went and messed it all up. If you wanted to change anything, change it to where you can change your username for Christ sake.

Please go back to the old Snapchat. Basically you just killed your own app. Fix it or you’re not gonna have this platform any more.

Steps on how to get the old version back

Like I said, it isn’t permanent. It will last for a while but eventually updates once more.

1.  Delete the app.

2. Make sure that your automatic updates are turned off in your phone settings. 

3. Redownload the app.

4. Type in your username but do not put in your password. Instead, hit “Forgot password.” You will have to create a new password and once you have that, log back into you account with that password. It should have went back to the previous version. 

Oh btw, I started this petition as a joke with my best friend, but she shared it with people and they signed and shared it, so I was like okay why not. I posted it on twitter and more people signed it. 


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