Effect on Parking for Small Businesses

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We are OVER copping fines on our windscreen for going to work or supporting small businesses in Penrith.

Or having to move our car 3 times a day due the lack of sufficient all day parking.

After contacting the council they told me to go park in the 9 hour parking on North street Penrith which I have heard is full by 8am and a 20 min walk to the salon. We work 12 hours on a Wednesday so the 9 hours doesn't help, neither does the safety of women having to walk to their cars at 9pm or even in the dark.

After explaining this to them they came back with an extremely unhelpful answer and told me there is nothing they can do to help me, but continue to give me a $114 fine only windscreen.

I am unsure of where the council expects us small business owners to park, myself and staff are having to get here hours before opening to get a decent parking spot close to the salon so we dont have to walk far to our cars at night.

The gravel temporary car park is full before 8am and we have been parking on the grass just so we can have all day parking which is a joke as it is as we are constantly getting blocked in as it isn't marked.

I have more than certainly lost clientele due to the fact that the parking is too short, my clients spend multiple hours in the salon sometimes up to 6 to 7 hours and have to leave with foils or colour or wet hair just to move their cars. The main purpose of having a salon is people pay a little extra to have the 'salon experience' of relaxation and time to unwind. The hairdressing industry is already difficult as it is due to the fact people are doing mobile hairdressing from their homes or going to clients houses and doing it from there. So it is already hard enough trying to bring clients to the salon and the parking is already limited as it is to find a spot, let alone having time limits.

I have had multiple clients leave with a fine on their windscreen and it is unfair when they are coming to support and spend their money at a small local business. After my 3rd client leaving and having them tell me it is due to the lack of efficient parking. Something needs to happen to be able to invite people to spend money at small businesses in penrith instead of revenue raising with fines without any sufficient parking available. We are over it and so is all the other businesses around me who are also angered by this ongoing issue and willing to also speak up. We need help from our council to support us not let us down.