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Womens Rights In The Middle East

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This is a issue that has been ongoing for decades and still is on the rise in present day. Today, many women in the Middle East are silenced and do not have a prime voice to speak out against gender injustices that are imposed on them, likewise this is a huge dilemma for societies in the Middle East as patriarchy is on the rise. In light of this, if we gather together and create a alternate tone for women who are effected on a social, economical and political stance, we can bring upon change and help regressing societies get back on the their feet.

This is most likely dominant in countries situated in the Middle East (West Asia) such as Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Turkey etc.) In order to bring upon change, it is essential that each one of our voice counts and that we are determined to not only influence a society, but a generation of where people can create a voice for those who are silenced and fight through this injustice, to abolish, if not, reduce the chances of this becoming a paramount dilemma.

This would help millions of women and break the barriers amongst gender inequality in jobs, the social stance of a women in general, power in politics, the cultural approach to how a women is perceived and possibly changes in the legal system if there are enough voices that can help legitimize the severity of the issue.

We all dream of cracking a dent in the world and being revolutionary peacemakers, but anybody can dream, it takes a solid amount of consistency and determination to adhere to such situations no matter what it takes, because those who want to make it happen will FIND a way regardless of what the circumstance might be. This is the first step, making it official and recognizing that there is an issue out there that needs to be fixed and being willing to open your eyes. The next step is to send this to micro organizations such as Shirin Ebadi's Peace Jam Organization, the UN and the Defender of Human Rights Center situated in Iran. Overall, we all have the capacity to make a difference, if we believe we are agents of peace, we are.

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