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Stop the unjust sanctions on Russia. Restore Integrity and Justice to America.

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The sanctions on Russia are based on lies and motivation for globalization.  The U.S claims Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine and has interfered with U.S. elections.  This isn't true based on contrary evidence.  We, the undersigned of this petition, ask that the U.S. Government rescind the sanctions placed on Russia and continue the investigations into the issues presented below.

Orange Revolution in 2004.

In the 2004 "Orange Revolution" in Kiev, there is much evidence to show this was funded and organized with U.S. assistance, supplying 5,000 tons of "porridge"; 10,000 loaves of bread; 300 portable toilets; tents with heaters; foam pads; sleeping bags, and 11 truckloads of garbage hauled away every day for 12 days for a reported "spontaneous protest" to remove the president of Ukraine.  This however, was a failed attempt.

Coup De Tat in Kiev, 2014, and Massacre of 83 people.

In the winter of 2013/2014, there was the uprising/protest in Kiev that ultimately turned into a Coup De Tat.  Many in Kiev wanted to join the European Union, but the Ukrainian government signed an agreement with Russia after a Russian trilateral offer of assistance to Ukraine was rejected by the U.S.  There is much evidence to show that the U.S. was behind a Coup De Tat in Kiev that killed approximately 83 people and forced the removal of Yanukovych, a legally elected president, and putting in place Yushchenko, a known fascist that supports the "Organization Of Ukrainian Nationalist, (OUN) party.  The OUN was started by Stepan Bandera during WWII, a Nazi sympathizer.  His party participated in the collection, imprisonment and execution of Jews and Russians.  It was his party members (OUN) that were the main staff and guards at several camps in Poland, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths of Jews and many Russian citizens.

The U.S. State Department, under the direction of Victoria Nuland and the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, handpicked Oleg, Tyahnybok, and Arseniy Yatsenyuk to run the country under Yushchenko.  Oleg Tyahnybok, was and  may still be the leader of the Svoboda Party, another Nazi ideology organization expressing hate towards Russians and Jews.  The U.S. also sent an American born Ukrainian, Natalia Yaresko, to be part of the new government to oversee bailout negotiations with the IMF.  So, the U.S. had their hands all over the Coup De Tat and the Bailout of Ukraine for control of the incoming money, not Russia.

Much of this was addressed and questioned during senate committee hearings yet irresponsibly dropped even after unacceptable and evasive answers by Victoria Nuland herself.


The U.S claims Russia illegally regained control of Crimea in March 2014, despite over 80% of the eligible Crimean voters turning out to vote and over 90% of them choosing to rejoin Russia and once again be Russian, breaking away from Ukraine.  Crimea has wanted to break away from Ukraine as early as 1991.  Crimea has always been part of Russia, even when in 1954, Crimea was given to Ukraine, which was also part of the USSR.  Giving Crimea was considered “illegal” since it was in the Russian Constitution at the time that it couldn’t be done without Russia’s permission.  So, who is to say that Crimea wasn’t technically still part of Russia anyway.  Again, the U.S. and the E.U. is interfering in a foreign affair which is not our business and is creating extreme tension leading us to war.  Ukraine continues to exert violent and threatening acts directed towards Russia and violate rights for the active voice of the Crimean people.

The Odessa Massacre by the U.S. placed President

In May 2014, the Ukrainian President ordered the "Right Sector" under the control of the Ukrainian Army to go intervene on a protests of Russian speaking citizens.  The protest resulted in over 40 deaths and started over a new law being recently implemented outlawing the use of the Russian language, only the Ukrainian language was allowed.  Ukraine was once part of the USSR until the 1991 breakup of the USSR, so naturally, many Ukrainian’s spoke Russian but were persecuted just because they didn't speak Ukraine.  Speaking Russian was now illegal so the Ukrainian citizens were harassed and persecuted daily.  This lead to the small skirmish between approximately 6 Russian speaking Ukrainians and 4 Ukrainian speaking citizens and ultimately to the death of a couple on each side.  This was the impetus for the forthcoming massacre. The Odessa Police didn't intervene on orders of the president (put in place by the U.S.) which gave the "Right Sector" and literally hundreds of Ukrainian people freedom to participate in the murderous spree that lasted for hours.  Many of the dead were women, children and elderly.

Oil and Gas Interest in Ukraine.

It is well known that western Ukraine has a vast amount of oil and natural gas reserves that will benefit U.S. oil companies and U.S. interest should Ukraine become part of the E.U.  Shortly after the successful removal of Yanukovych, Chevron Oil and a couple other U.S. oil companies hosted or sponsored a convention in the region hoping to get contracts.

The Shooting down of the Malaysian Airline over Ukraine.

The U.S., NATO, Swiss, and Ukraine, insist Russia shot down the Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine.  However, many unanswered questions persist as well as evidence Ukraine or even the U.S. may have been responsible.

Why have these issues not been answered adequately by governments and why has Russia’s attempts to present facts of relevance been ignored?  I ask the following:

1.      Flight Tracking Website “Flight Aware” shows the flight was diverted north at the last minute over Donetsk area, a war zone, why?

2.      Spanish Air Traffic controller working at Boris-pol International Airport the day of the incident tweeted the Ukrainian government knew immediately it was shot down and tweeted there were 2 Ukrainian fighter jets in the area at the time.  His twitter account was shut down once it was reported in the media. Why?

3.      BBC Documentary reports witnesses seeing military aircraft in the air when airline went down.  This has not been reported and not mentioned during any Senate or other panel hearings, why?

4.      Ukraine has a least 6 batteries of BUK missile systems in Ukraine.  Satellite photos show them in the area the day it was shot down. Why is this not being questioned?

Russian interference in U.S. elections.

The question of rather or not Russia interfered with U.S. elections is also questionable since no evidence has been presented after approximately 9 months of slanderous accusations being made.  Evidence has been failed to be investigated with the FBI failing to take DNC computers and hard drives for examination to verify claims, and the DNC refusing to hand them over.  This in addition to leaked reports showing the Clinton Campaign had planned to make these accusations as a tool to discredit the elections should she lose.  There are too many indicators showing leaked DNC documents were an inside job, possibly causing the murder of DNC staffer, Seth Rich, which leads to the need for a criminal investigation of other sources and not the continued blaming of Russia to justify sanctions for political reasons.

It would appear there are many unanswered questions that a reasonable person would want answered before casting judgment and sanctioning a country that affects tens of millions of people, and possibly having the impact of causing a major conflict or war.  It is believed that the U.S. position that the Russian Government and the Russian people are being sanctioned because of “Russian Aggression” is questionable under the circumstances stated above.

The American people signing this petition expect and request that sanctions on the Russian people be lifted and further investigation take place as to the U.S. interference and overthrow of the Ukrainian Government by the Obama Administration, not the Russian Government assisting President of Ukraine at the time, Mr. Yanukovych.

With so much evidence showing this to be true, including Senate hearings on the matter and internet videos of phone interviews between Victoria Nuland, U.S. State Department, and Georffrey Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine: proving their participation of the removal of president Yanukovych; videos of United Nations, Kathryn Aster & Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs expressing his doubts and information showing it was actually the "New Coalition" being responsible for the Coup De Tat. (Under the direction and funding of the U.S.), not Yanukovych, it is expressly wrong to continue to blame Russian influence and control as an aggressor in this "conflict" and basis for labeling "Russian Aggression" and the placement of sanctions on Russia. It is further wrong to continue to blame Russia for interference in U.S. elections without public presentation of evidence obtained.

Join us by signing this petition and calling on President Trump, the House of Representatives and the Senate to end the sanctions placed on Russia and stop escalating tensions between the two countries.


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