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Stand with me to bring my 5 Sons Home: Unjust CPS Kidnapping!

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Let my 5 Sons come Home: An unjust CPS Kidnapping! 

Hi My name is April Currington, I live in Kenosha, Wi I am a Stay at home Mother of 5 young Sons, Dakota (Age 8), Elijah (6), Dominique (4), Jax (3), and Royal (1). 

Wisconsin Child Protective Services got involved in our lives on May 06th 2016. My 2 yr old Son, Jax was found wandering by his self around the corner from where we lived! My grandma was suppose to be watching him, she told the police and Cps that she didn't remember that she was suppose to be watching my Son! It was clearly just an accident that he got out of the house! When they gave my son back to me, Cps discovered I had 5 Sons and looked at my children like they were Gold in their pockets! They opened a case with no other justified reason other then my Son getting out the house under supervision of my Grandmother! Which didn't reflect on my parenting skills what so ever! 

Just 2 wks later on May 26th 2016 My children and I had just gotten home from the grocery store, I brought my children inside and proceeded with getting groceries out of the truck! I made two trips to the truck and back inside, I checked on my children, they were in the living room watching cartoons everything was good! I made two more trips outside and back with the groceries! I checked on my Boys again but this time Jax was missing! He had some how slipped past me and out the door! I proceeded to look through out the house for him, by the time I made it outside a family friend that lived in the apt. next door, came out and said that my Son came up on his police scanner and Jax was at the house next door! I walked over to where he was at, I told the police what happened and they let me take my son home! A few hours later Cps came and took all 5 of my children! 

A week later I got a letter in the mail stating that I was being Charged with 2 counts Child Neglect! Stemming from these two incidents! My Grandmother was watching him the 1st incident, and both incidents were clearly  just accidents and were by no means Child Neglect! Cps let my 2 oldest sons come home with stipulations of in home supervision under Kafasi division of CPS!  

A week after they gave all my sons back to me On June 13th 2016 a Social worker of Kafasi Division name Corrine Anderson came to the house for an in home visit! It was late in the evening I had just finished washing the dishes and my sons were watching cartoons! I heard a knock on the door, I greeted her with a smile and Said "Hi how are u? Come on in!" Despite her being the 4th government official to visit me that day and I was already on high anxiety from the day! Linda from Cps was there that morning, then Mary Ann from my Sons school came, she needed me to sign some papers, Carrie from Birth to 3 visited in home for an hour and a half that day and now Corrine from Kafasi! 

Going through child birth 5 times (Two of them epidural, the second was botched and messed up my back! ) and being in a back end collision accident two years ago that further messed up my back! My back started hurting painfully bad while the social worker was there, I let her know my back was hurting bad, so I asked her politely to please hold on and wait a minute cause I  needed to rest my back for a few minutes! I leaned down to rest my back but when I looked back up at her she had her arms crossed and had a look of disgust on her face that said to me "Omg, I don't have time for this!" That triggered an Anxiety attack and secends later I was in medical distress!  The last thing I remember thinking was, how stressed out I felt that she would even show up so late in the evening! (That's when my back hurts the worst after running my boys all day and house work!) I then felt a warmth spread accross my chest, up my neck and in to my head! My temples felt dizzy and I blacked out for just a few seconds. When I opened my eyes, I saw Corrine with a pissed off look on her face and all my boys running out of the door, out of the house  and on to the portch!  She did not try to stop them or gather them up to bring them back inside the home! Seeing my Sons run out of the house and me being in distress and powerless to stop them myself,  sent me into another panic attack! I tried asking her to get my sons and bring them in the house for me but my words just came out mumbled,  I was very much aware that I was mumbling and it terrified me! I couldn't breathe, I tried telling her some thing wasn't right, that I wasn't okay but it only came out mumbled and she couldn't understand me! It was the most terrifying 5-10 minutes of my life! I finally gathered all my strength just to straighten my back into an upright position, so that I could gather my sons for their safety  and bring them inside because the social worker refused to help! Being a medical distress situation, she should have called the ambulance and the hospital would have told her that I didnt have drugs in my system! Next thing I know Corrine was on the phone calling the police, her supervisor and other social workers to my house telling them that I was under the influence of Drugs! 

I refused a drug test only because it was late in the evening, I had just went through a terrifying experience, that I knew for a fact had nothing to do with drugs and they wanted me to leave my children alone with a stranger watching them in my home! I politely told them that I would be more than happy to go do a drug test first thing in the morning, either that or they could bring a drug test to my home that night! Instead CPS twisted the story, turned it into a drug case and made the order to remove all my children out of our home!  It's been over 6 months since my children were taken, I've passed every drug test they've given me and they are still treating it like it is a drug case! 

We were a happy family before CPS got involved in our life, despite the fact that both my Childrens Fathers are in prison! My Father stays with us and provides for our family so that I could be a stay at home mother to my children! We are taking this case to trial on February 20th 2017, if I lose CPS recommends to the court that my Sons be adopted out (Sold) in June 2017! 

My Family and our lives have been disrupted and completely destroyed by CPS in just a few short months! Children Protective services claim that They are for the best interest of the children, I am their Mother and I am for the best intrest of my Children! but based on my own experience, it seems, in my own opinion, that CPS is actually an organized criminal kidnapping agency established solely for profit of these children and in no way are they for the best interest of the Children! I am only allowed one supervised visit for an hour a week with my children, not only has this caused unnecessary pain and suffering to my sons and myself, it has psychologically traumatized them! I've been a stay at home Mom since my Children were born and now CPS is enforcing needed employment on me to pay for not only Child Support, but Child Support Arrears, Child Support Records Maintenance and Dispersion, 2 Lawyer Fees ( A lawyer for Family Court and another Lawyer for Criminal Neglect charges) and Court Costs! A tragedy like this should not be tolerated or allowed to happen to begin with! 

I April Currington declare that all events and statements wherein this petition is true and addressed to the best of my ability! I demand to have my sons returned home to me immediately and I also ask that my Criminal Neglect charges be dismissed and all financial entanglements be found null and void! My Sons don't have a voice in this but I know the power of the people do! Please sign this petition and help bring my boys home! 

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