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Stop Declawing Cats in Ontario

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Cats have no voices, so let's speak up for them.

 Declawing cats has absolutely zero benefits for them and it is completely cruel. Unlike humans, their claws grow out of a bone and not from the skin. This means that in order to declaw a cat, you need to amputate their "fingers". Cats need their claws for many reasons including but not limited to: defense mechanism, territorial indicator, hunting/playing, balance, and pleasure. 

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has recently changed their view on the subject to make it even more clear that they oppose declawing.

- "Much research has become available since we last examined this position statement and it is evident that felines suffer needlessly when undergoing this surgery as an elective measure. (...)"

-"Surgical amputation of the third phalanx of the digit alters the expression of normal behaviours in cats, causes avoidable short-term acute pain, and has the potential to cause chronic pain and negative long-term orthopedic consequences."

 Thankfully, many cities and countries have realized how harsh this is for our felines and already have laws in place to protect a cats claws. This includes but is not limited to: United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and several USA cities.

 There are many alternatives for those seeking a solution to their scratching cats. These include but aren't limited to: anti scratch sprays, double sided tape, regular nail trimming, claw covers and avoiding playing with your hands/feet.

There is no excuse or reason valid enough to defend the declawing procedure. Its only "benefit" is to please humans. It has nothing good to offer for cats and is an unacceptable brutal procedure. With enough support, hopefully we can prove to Ontario that cats deserve an end to this problem.

For more information on declawing cats, I recommend watching "The Paw Project" which is available on YouTube.

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