Make Stunt Driving a Criminal Offense in the City of Brampton

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Stunt driving and careless driving are deemed two of the most serious offences under the Highway Traffic Act. A person who is found guilty of stunt driving can be fined up to $10,000 and spend up to 6 months in prison. However, these charges are not criminal in nature. Too often, residents of the City of Brampton are told horror stories of how their loved ones have been lost to reckless drivers guilty of stunt driving. The City of Brampton is known to have record high automotive insurance premiums due to their ongoing problem with careless driving, street racing and stunt driving. Those who deliberately commit these offences and do not face serious penalties will only continue to commit these types of offences and put the entire city's population at risk. Let's get Mayor Patrick Brown's attention and put an end to stunt driving in Brampton once and for all and make our streets safe again.