Stop Re-Zoning of Residential Units in Brampton

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Harsimran Mehta started this petition to Patric Brown (Mayor of Brampton) and

Petition To Stop Rezoning (East Side of McLaughin Road North and South Side of Big Sky Road) CITY FILE: OZS-2020-0037.

Hi Mr. Carmen,

I/We residents of Brampton oppose the rezoning as mentioned in the city file. Residents want to continue to enjoy their peaceful community without any new additions.


Reasons for Opposition


1.     Impact on our neighborhood

a.     Home value – No one likes 2 towers in your backyard. Residents purchased their houses after looking at the city zoning and the 4 houses (10785, 10799, 10807, 10817 McLaughlin Road) have been constructed accordingly. Rezoning means changing the character of the suburban neighborhood.

b.     Blocking view – Residents would like to continue to live in the “flower city” they bought their house in and do not expect high rise towers blocking the sun, air and natural beauty.

c.     Traffic – The plan is expected to add 150 units and 174 parking spots.

 i.     Firstly, every unit will have most likely 2 cars. This means the 174 parking spots will run shot.

ii.     Secondly, 174 cars are being added to the traffic on McLaughlin, which directly impacts all residents in our block. Construction in the past few years in Caledon and north of Wanless has had a direct impact on traffic on McLaughlin.

iii.     Thirdly, the province has no plans of constructing the proposed 400 series highway for Brampton, we don’t want more traffic by rezoning existing houses into multi story high rise and make Brampton into another concreate jungle.

d.     Speed – We already have a speeding issue on McLaughlin dr. Crossing the street over to go the ravine area or towards the Queen Mary subdivisions is almost impossible. Increased traffic is just going to make it worse. Brampton’s accident rate and insurance costs are the highest in the country.

e.     Noise – Leaving aside the noise level in the construction period, every new house will increase the level of noise.

f.       Construction – 2 years of construction period will have direct impact on all residents. The dust, air quality, noise, construction workers etc. We have families and many residents have allergies.

g.     Infrastructure – The infrastructure is already crumbling. Crime rate is inching higher every year. Our police force is stretched thin. Road traffic is high. Road rage is on the increase. Second units are already stretching the limits of existing infrastructure. There are no plans to add any facilities for the current residents. Example - Its impossible to get swimming classes or skating or hockey class booked for our kids in the city facilities as they get all booked within hours of opening.

h.     Privacy – We will not like residents of 150 units peeping into our homes up from the skies. Its like having a drone with cameras above your house. Privacy is our basic right. We would have bought houses in Toronto if we liked this setup.

i.       Pollution – Adding houses will increase the pollution.

j.       School – Current school is already under funded and running above capacity. Out of the 150 units, at least 100 kids will be school aged. Is the city planning to fund Burnt Elm P.S school expansion?


My opposition to the process the city has used –

1.     Even though the notices were issued on June 18, 2021, we did not receive them in mail. Few residents received it in July.

2.     Notices were given in English. Our city should know the demographics or the region. 70-80% residents speak Punjabi and have language barrier.

3.     Transparency in the process. The details of the type of residential units being built is not there. The Developer who has requested rezoning is using a numbered company. We can’t find details of the project.

4.     Impacted Area – City has not mentioned the subdivisions who have been mailed this notice and made aware of it.

5.     Time period – The meeting is scheduled just after 1 month. In COVID period many residents are not even checking their mailboxes. After months of lockdowns, Ontario is finally reopening. People are out and above.  

6.     Email – Notices were not sent via email. I subscribe to the city newsletters.

7.     Social Media – No information was put on social media. The effort to communicate the development has not been there.

8.     City road notice boards were not used. They are always used to communicate garbage day but were not used to communicate this important news.


Link to City Notice -


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