Pass the United Nations Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Resolution

Pass the United Nations Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Resolution

June 21, 2018
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Started by Amanda Nguyen

In 2016, we changed America when the community successfully petitioned the United States Congress to pass the Sexual Assault Survivor Bill of Rights. Together, we codified civil rights for 25 million rape survivors in America. Now I’m asking you to take this movement global. 

Sexual violence is a universal issue that demands international recognition. In fact, 1.3 billion people are sexual assault survivors. The United Nations (UN) was founded to protect the equality of all people, regardless of who they are or where they live. Yet, the UN General Assembly has never passed a resolution focused solely on sexual violence.

At Rise, we believe justice should not depend on geography. Basic protections against sexual violence and access to justice should be available to everyone, no matter their gender, age, nationality or citizenship. Around the world, protesters are marching to demand recognition and justice for survivors who are denied basic rights and access to justice. Countries are actively reforming sexual violence legislation to improve survivors’ access to justice. This represents a growing global consensus that survivors of sexual violence deserve certain basic rights. For the first time in history, an UNGA Sexual Violence Survivors’ Rights Resolution would enshrine that survivors’ rights are fundamental human rights:

With the passage of this United Nations resolution, we will bear witness to all survivors in their pursuit of justice, guaranteeing basic civil rights protections and absolving them of any custom, tradition or religious consideration that may delay or diminish this pursuit.

But we need your help. Many of these member states have constitutional petition laws in place requiring their governments to review all petitions. With your signatures and support, we can bring our Survivors’ Bill of Rights into the conversation and begin the work to ensure justice does not depend on geography.

Please sign this petition and demand the leader of your member nation take appropriate steps to review the plight of sexual violence and the injustice survivors face.

Thank You.

Amanda Nguyen


This petition made change with 323,996 supporters!

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