Partnership Act for Tokyo

Partnership Act for Tokyo

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東京都にパートナーシップ制度を求める会 started this petition to Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike and





My beloved family member falls ill and ends up being rushed to the hospital, but I am not contacted and am unable to visit or even find out what the diagnosis is. A family member needs to be taken care of but I am unable to take care leave from work therefore I am forced to leave my job. Even though they are my family, the rest of the world does not recognize them as such. 

This is the reality in Tokyo for same sex couples. 

We are LGBTQ+ and allies living in Tokyo and our group is Partnership Act for Tokyo. We ask that the city of Tokyo esablish same sex partnership to recognize our relationships. 

Currently, the city of Osaka and Ibaraki prefecture have already introduced same sex partnership, with Gunma prefecture making preparation to implement it as well as a number of other prefectures discussing. In Tokyo municipality, same sex partnership was started in 2015 with Shibuya and Setagaya Wards. It has been five years since, and out of 62 governing areas of Tokyo there are still only a handful of places that have implemented same sex partnership. At this pace, it will take an unbearably long time for the whole municipality to implement same sex partnership. Therefore, if nothing changes, the many same sex couples of Tokyo are forced to needlessly suffer in troubled anxiety. 

If same sex partnership is recongized in Tokyo, then same sex couples would not need to worry about explaining to others when their partner is sick, or even worse, dies. If same sex partnership is recongized in Tokyo then same sex couples would be able to do things such as apply for loans to buy houses and purchase insurance together, products and services that opposite sex couples have always had access to. 

In places where same sex partnership has been implemented, same sex couples for the first time are able to be accepted and understood by those around them, and their relationship is finally recongized by others. They are being told “Congratulations!” for their relationship, and are able to explain everything to their family, friends, and co-workers, all positive effects from implementing same sex partnership systems.  For LGBTQ+ children and young people, they have their identity affirmed and feel their very existence accepted, giving them hope when thinking of their future. If the city of Tokyo implements same sex partnership then anyone can live in Tokyo without concern and have their human rights protected. This would be one step toward creating a city where everyone is happy and welcomed, an international city we can be proud of.

Last December, Governor Koike spoke regarding same sex partnership, saying that “We will start gathering information and see what the opinions of the residents of Tokyo and LGBTQ are.”

Therefore, it is more important now than ever before for us to come together and raise our voices and show how necessary it is for us to receive same sex partnership in Tokyo.

We must raise our voices, and we must be heard.

Together we are stronger, so we must gather everyone who agrees with our plight and show how much same sex partnership is needed and wanted to Governor Koike and the city of Tokyo.To everyone who agrees with our mission, please sign our petition. Even one person can make a difference. Please feel free to share this on social media and help spread our message and gather more signatures.Together we can make same sex partnership in Tokyo a reality. 

Thank you for your support. 


●Members and messages●

山本 そよか/ Soyoka Yamamoto

When you love someone who is the same sex as you and want to become a family, there is a risk to be discriminated and face difficulties here in Tokyo. It is a very sad situation.  A family is who can support and help each other in difficult situations. Let's make Tokyo, a place where everyone can build a happy family!

To solve this issue, same sex partnership in Tokyo is necessary. This is what many of LGBTQ and allies Tokyo residents are hoping for. Let's make this happen!


杉山 文野/ Fumino Sugiyama 

I was born and raised in Tokyo and have been living here for 40 years. I have lived  10 of those years with my partner and 2 of them raising children. However, we are still not treated as a family by the government, hospitals and in many other daily situations.  

While LGBTQ events in Tokyo are getting more recognition and people are gaining more understanding about sexual minorities. The discriminations and biases are rooted deeply in the society and we still face a lot of difficulties.

If we are able to have same sex partnership in Tokyo, not only LGBTQ will be saved, but also it will accelerate the understanding for other social minorities. Let's create a same sex partnership system in Tokyo to make this city a safe place to live for everyone. 


松中 権/ Gon Matsunaka

To live with someone you love safely. This is a very simple wish that many couples have. This idea does not hurt or deprive any other people of their rights. 

I have heard that there are some limitations in what a company can do for LGBTQ from many companies. There are limitations that you can only live together in the ward-owned apartments, but not in the Tokyo-owned apartments. Please provide everyone with the equal rights to choose.

As the Governor of Tokyo Koike raises in one of her "3 cities" slogan -diversity: Tokyo is a place where everyone can reside freely, it is necessary to have same sex partnership in Tokyo.


● Request for answering the Questionnaire regarding the Partnership in Tokyo ●

Currently, we are kindly asking you who live or work in Tokyo to answer a questionnaire regarding the Partnership in Tokyo. We would like to deliver a real voice from you by not only signing but also sending your opinions. We would be very grateful if you could answer and send your opinions to us. Thank you!

Questionnaire(in Japanese)>>> 

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