SLOW DOWN!! Install Speed Humps & Convex mirrors on Bettington RD, Ellis St & Gollan Ave.

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Tragedy struck yesterday 1st February 2020 when a drunk out of control car sped down Bettington Road in Oatlands NSW mounting the kerb and consequently ending the lives of 4 innocent children and placing another 3 in hospital. These families will never recover from such a tragedy. The community will never recover. Innocent lives lost for someones carelessness. 

With long stretches of road and bends in these roads drivers are constantly speeding up and down them. The "50 speed limit" is completely disregarded. SPEED HUMPS along these main roads most importantly Bettington Road as well as Wyoming Ave leading into Ellis street and Gollan Ave are a must to slow these drivers down as they exit pennant hills road and give the innocent pedestrians and children the safety they deserve. CONVEX safety mirrors on all large bends especially where these innocent children lost their lives need to be installed. 

Parramatta council need to slow down drivers speeding on the main roads in Oatlands by installing these SPEED HUMPS and CONVEX SAFETY MIRRORS so this tragedy doesn't occur again to innocent people riding their bikes along the sides of the road or walking the footpaths. We need to get together as a community and make this happen.