Save Swissport employees jobs

Save Swissport employees jobs

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Swissport is struggling. During Convid-19 they have released a statement to that 4556 employees are going to be made redundant. 

Before Convid-19 Swissport was already struggling but on a minor scale to what it is now. At Liverpool airport the numbers were 40 employees across the station to be made redundant however as you can see now the numbers have now increased dramatically. 

We need the government to stand by us and support the aviation industry and help Swissport along with the rest of the industry by giving as much funds as they can to help the companies get out of this hole. This could save many people’s livelihoods! At the moment Swissport are being forced to head into summer ( taking into account the decrease in passenger loads) with minimum staff. taff are going to have to work extra hours to for fill the hours of the redundant staff. 

For myself, working at the airport has been something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl and after studying aviation at college for 2 years I got my dream job. My dad also works in the aviation industry at Manchester airport and is also looking at getting made redundant. That’s adults in the same household with no job. How is anyone meant to survive this crisis?

please help us and sign the petition that may change the Aviation industry and help us recover.