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A 17 year old girl named Devika ,has been brutally raped , murdered and have been stripped by throwing on to railway track  in Telangana near kothagudem .  whomsoever  may be the accused needs to be punished very soon. #JUSTICEFORDEVIKA

*Who is at fault?*

The government or the police or the law or we, the people. I guess we, the people, are at fault. Because we choose to remain silent, because we choose to ignore.

Rape needs to stop, its high time now. I request everyone to come together and FIGHT AGAINST RAPE by signing the petition and ask the government and the law makers to change the LAWS AGAINST RAPE.

We demand capital punishment for the rapists.These shamless human beings must be hanged till death. This is the only punishment that should be given to a rapist irrespective of age or gender