Woolworths/Coles collectibles are wasteful and evil

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Cheap collectible plastic toy promotions must stop!


It’s wasteful, manipulative, and specifically targeted at children. It's also being done by stores who are ripping off farmers and telling us they're trying to reduce waste. These toys are future landfill! 

There should be a ban on the supermarket chains from manufacturing cheap plastic toys with no permanent recycling plan in place. 

Woolworths only offer to recycle these toys for two months after the promotion ends. After that, it's your environmental responsibility to dispose of them, and you know they're going to landfill.

There should be a ban on grocery stores targeting children with collectibles. 

Parents should be able to grocery shop without their children being exploited. Children should be able to accompany their parents without being coerced in to wanting toys that will only end up in landfill.

This is only done because it increases sales figures for stores.

Stores are completely aware that children will see these at their schools, want them, and ask for them when they see them strategically placed in the aisles. Stores have implemented things like minimum spends or limited quantities to further lure children in to the mindset of needing these and put a strain on people who take children grocery shopping.

It's evil and exploitative on every level.

They're branded deals.

It's wasteful.

If it's not discouraged, this is will only continue to be a method grocery stores use to create profit and sales.

Let's recognise these things for what they are: #futurelandfill.