Add Live View Composite Recording to Lumix G9

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-G9 is the Lumix flagship stills-oriented camera  for micro-four thirds

Released in November 2017, is arguably one of the best cameras Panasonic ever released. One of the few features it lacks, found in competitor cameras even of inferior market positioning, is what is commonly known as "Live Composite" mode, which is invaluably useful in some shooting contexts (notably lightscapes, fireworks, cityscapes, light painting). No Panasonic camera had such a feature at time of release.

However, in April 2019 Panasonic released the semi-professional Lumix DMC-G90/G95 featuring exactly such a feature.

As is widely known and shown in practice with recent 2.0 firmware update, G9 is a flexible camera which could require a simple update to get such a feature.

Being the G9 Lumix MFT flagship camera, we hence ask Panasonic to update it with at least comparable Live View Composite capabilities as those already found in G90/G95 model.

Other similar updates, as Live ND features, would also be greatly appreciated, reinforcing confidence in continued support from Panasonic for already released products and brand loyalty.